Static Neutralisers / Web Cleaning Systems

For many years now Hildebrand Technology (A GEMA Company) has been supplying electrostatic neutralising or charging equipment to many industries for all kind of different applications. Their static control system solutions are optimized for any material and for low as well as high machine speeds. Their static control systems can be used as standalone units or fully automated and integrated into the tool or machine controls. Hildebrand also supplies web cleaner and sheet cleaner equipment and their system solutions are optimized for any material as well as for small and large dust amounts. Similarly, all web and sheet cleaning systems can be used in manual or fully automated mode and integrated into the tool or machine controls. Customised web cleaning solutions are available on request . 

Main applications of these products in the following sectors –
Packaging, Printing, Paper & Cardboard, Converting, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Food, Textile, Tissue & Non-Woven . 

Our range includes :

iONstream FUSION 4.0

Latest generation of micro-processor controlled, intelligent, earth-free high efficiency static neutralising system.

  • AutoDC® Technology
  • 24V DC supply, all electronic components integrated in neutralising bar profile
  • Extremely high remote real power
  • Network compatible through CANbus
  • Plug & Play
  • Data visualisation via App
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth, WLAN, OPC and any field bus
  • Ex Electrode and field strength meter integrated in the same network
  • Superb discharging efficiency for ionising ranges up to 1500 mm


The iONcontrol system has been redesigned by Hildebrand Technology and optimized for industry 4.0 applications. The entire system can be controlled via the industrial touch screen with its self-explanatory user interface. Explicit icons, clear statistics and logical menu navigation make operation on the industrial panel easy for every user . The iONcontrol is also ideal for applications where a fully automatic and process-safe discharge, charging and web cleaning is required

  • Clearly arranged touch display for easy control of web cleaning systems, slitting dust removal, discharging, charging and residual charge measurement
  • 7“ screen with intuitive symbolism
  • Robust CAN bus technology for horizontal networking
  • Data exchange with higher-level plant control systems
  • Graphically processed production dataacquisition
  • Storage of application parameters on SD card
  • Flexible installation in control cabinet or as free-standing console

iONcharge 4.0

Latest generation high efficiency static charging system. High voltage power unit integrated into charging electrode. Especially suitable for applications where high voltage cable can cause a problem and small dimensions are required.

  • iONcharge 4.0 electrodes available for positive (+20kV) & negative (-20kV) charging
  • Integrated high voltage cascade
  • High quality Tungsten emitter tips for long service life
  • Uniform charging voltage over the entire working range
  • High voltage adjustment on the electrode or via CAN bus connection
  • External 24VDC power supply
  • Control of compound solutions via CAN-bus & iONcontrol Touch Panel  
  • Touch safe charging electrodes
  • Available as EX version also

Web Cleaning / Dust Removal Xstream FUSION

Highest cleaning efficiency, smallest particles. Especially suitable for paper, film, foil, laminate, non-woven etc.

  • Non contact web cleaner
  • 6 kV AUTO DC ® Technology
  • High velocity vacuum air flow with ionising system
  • Up to 2’500 m/min web speeds
  • 50 mm – 10 metres working width, single or dual side
  • Compact, positioned above back-up roller, wear free
  • Fully automated with PLC control and customer interface


Slitting dust removal system for a dust free slitting process. Especially suitable for all materials. Positioned directly at slitting knife.

  • Dust removal directly at the slitting knife
  • 6 / 12 kV AUTO DC ® Technology
  • High velocity vacuum air flow with ionising system
  • Up to 3’000 m/min web speeds
  • Removal rate > 95%
  • Top and bottom knife dust removal

Measurement (Fieldmeters) iONmeter 5.0

Hildebrand’s “chopper stabilised” electrostatic meter, iONmeter 5.0, accurately reads static electricity without substrate contact. The hold function keeps the actual reading in memory e.g. after obtaining measurements in areas where the direct reading of the display is not possible. A zero adjustment is not needed before each measurement.

iONmeter EST101

Our electrostatic meter, iONmeter EST101, reads static electricity without contact. It measures voltage on surfaces and can be used to calculate charge density on insulators. It has a hold facility and very high resolution of 100 volt on a 50 Kilovolt range.