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Model : 212 Digital Static Meter

The Model 212 Digital Static Meter is a precision meter with chopper-stabilized sensor providing long-term, accurate measurements in both normal and ionized environments. The 3½-digit LCD readout provides 10 Volt resolution. Other features include polarity indication, low battery warning and a recorder output jack.

  • Chopper stabilized Sensor
  • Operates in ionized environments
  • ±20 kV Range @ 1″
  • Distance ranging lights
  • Static Locator with MEASURE / HOLD function
  • Recorder output jack
  • 10 volt resolution
  • 31/2 digit LCD display
  • Charge Plate Detector options

Model : 204 ESD Analyzer / CPM / Digital Static Meter / Decay Timer

The Model 204 is a low-cost, full function Electrostatic Analyzer/Charge Plate Monitor for evaluating the performance of ionizers, static protective material and ESD controlled installations.

  • Use as a static meter, CPM & electrostatic analyzer
  • Chopper-stabilized sensor
  • Operates in ionized air
  • 3½-Digit LCD meter
  • Recorder output
  • Internal ±1200V charging source
  • Internal timer counts to 60 seconds
  • 0.3 second resolution
  • 1-Volt resolution
  • Plug-in 6″x6″ plate (optional)
  • Meets ESD STM 3.1-2000

Model : 212XL Extended Reach Digital Static Field Meter

The 212XL version is the model 212 lightweight static fieldmeter that comes complete with an extended handle for the measurement of fields that might be slightly out of reach or unsafe to reach.

  • Range: ±20kV/inch (25mm)
  • Measure/Hold button for straightforward data collection
  • Operates in ionized environments
  • Available in both handheld and extended arm versions to address any type of application
  • LCD Display makes data easy to read
  • Recorder output for digital data collection