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Model 871 – Wide Range Resistance Meter

The 871 Autoranging Wide Range Resistance Meter provides quick and easy resistance measurements in a small portable package that measures values ranging from 100 to 1012 Ohms. The Model 871 is a precision, battery or AC powered, autoranging, microcomputer-based instrument that meets the requirements for measuring resistance from 1×103 to 5×1012Ohms using selectable test voltages of 10 or 100 Volts

  • Autoranging
  • 1×102 to 1×1011 ohms@ 10V
  • 1×105 to 1×1012  ohms @ 100V
  • Accuracy better than 2% up to 109; then 5%
  • Large 2-line alphanumeric display
  • Remote measurement activation available
  • Compatible with most resistance probes
  • PC compatible COMM port
  • Battery or AC powered

Model 880 – Autoranging, Portable Resistance Meter

The Model 880 utilizes a parallel bar electrode design and has a measurement range of 10E3 – 10E12 ohms with an accuracy of ±10%. A tri-color 12 LED array indicates the resistance of the material in ohms and characterize the material as conductive, dissipative or insulative. The Model 880 is CE compliant and is supplied in a carrying case including an accessory cable with alligator clip, operating instructions and a certificate of calibration
Also available as a kit (Model : 818-1 or 818-2 with other probes and accessories – refer to datasheet)

  • Autoranging: <10E3 to >10E12 Ohms
  • Autoselect test voltages: 10 & 100 Volts
  • Measures surface resistance & RTG
  • Parallel bar electrodes
  • Auxiliary probe input jacks
  • ±10% measurement accuracy
  • Carrying case with RTG cable
  • Compact, low cost
  • CE certified

Model 863 / 6487 Resistance Meter (For Material Development & Testing)

The Model 863/6487 Laboratory Resistance Meter is capable of measuring current from 20fa to 20ma and resistance from 50 Ω to 10E15 Ω. Source voltages can be manually selected from 0.2mV to 505V Specific voltages can be programmed as a default. The instrument is programmed by ETS to measure resistance using default votage setting of 10 and 100V to meet resistance standards for ESD-Safe material. A 6″6″ (2m) triax cable assembly is configured for the ETS Series 800 Resistance/ Resistivity Probes and probes equipped with standard banana jacks. IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces enable the instrument to be integrated into automated test and measurement systems.

  • Range 50 to >10E14Ω
  • VE ” 0.2mV to 505V
  • 5 ½-digit resolution
  • Alternating VE capability
  • Up to 1000 readings/sec
  • Excel add-in utility
  • IEEE-488 & RS-232 interfaces
  • Optional applications driver