WATSON Bio Lab is a leading manufacturer of plastic products for biotechnology and life science research including life science laboratory experimental consumables.
Their wide range of product line includes micro pipettes / pipette tips / filtered tips / microcentrifuge-tubes / centrifugal tubes / cell counter plates / preservation plates / cell culture products / PCR products / racks etc.

Nexty Pippetor

The Newly-developed Micropipettes with its comprehensive technology and wisdom of Watson.

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Pipette Tips

Ultra Thin-wall molding ensures complete dispensing and fits naturally to the pipettes

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Hyper Filtered Tips

Hyper Filtered Tips protect the pipette from the risk of aerosol-borne, DNA, etc.
contamination. No liquid will pass

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Standard Filter Tips

Universal sterilized low-cost standard filtered tips

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Test Plate

It is the plate which is usable for various cells, the culture of the microbe and every experiment, inspection.

  • Microtiter Plates (Chimney-well)
  • Microtiter Plates (Flat top)
  • Edgeless 384-well Plate
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Tube Rack

Racks that can be selected according to the application.
ECO Rack, Piccolo Rack, PCR Tube Rack, Microcentrifuge Tube Rack, Centrifuge Tube Rack, Cryo Tube Box

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0.5 mL – 2.0 mL Screw Cap Tubes with silicone O-Rings at the place of the cap’s seal.

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Cell Culture Plate

Various cell culture plates are available which don't include coating materials or adhesive, thereby reducing contamination . Slide & Chamber option available which has the added advantage of extra usability and low cost, achieved by the combination of the glass-made slide for clear microscopic image

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