ESD Event Monitor

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CTC034-030-3 EM Aware Monitor, Field & Event

  • Continuous Monitor
    Counts and provides real-time detection of most ESD events and their magnitudes
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics Tool
    Identifies problematic environments and qualifies tools for handling ESD-sensitive devices
  • Analog Data Output (4.20 mA) for use with data acquisition software
  • High Temperature Antennas Available (can withstand up to 165 Deg C)

CTM048-021, EM Eye ESD Event Meter

  • Detects, counts and measures ESD events
  • Calculates event magnitude for Charged Device Model (CDM), Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM)
  • Records all measurements to a microSD card for PC download
  • Touchscreen display provides intuitive user interface
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

CTM082 - ESD Pro Event Indicator

  • ESD Event Indicator
  • Detects and counts ESD events for control program troubleshooting and improvement.
  • Ten LED Display shows the relative strength of the ESD event.
  • Adjustable Alarm Threshold
  • Four-Digit Counterto display the number of ESD events that occurred at or above the alarm threshold.
  • CDM Filter Switch -Filters and rejects EMI signals that are not caused by CDM discharges
  • Portable Operation with 9 Volt Battery