Cleansweep Power Line AC EMI Filters 

CleanSweep® filters block EMI on power lines (both common and differential modes) and, uniquely, in ground, from reaching sensitive equipment.  They also reduce EMI “backflow” from a “noisy” source that otherwise would end up on your AC power network.  In addition to be highly effective in reducing EMI, CleanSweep® filters also offer advanced transient surge protection unachievable by regular MOV-based equipment

Cleansweep 3A AC EMI Filters AP Series

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Cleansweep 10A AC EMI Filters AL Series

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Cleansweep 13A ~ 20A AC EMI Filters AF Series

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Cleansweep 30 AC EMI Filters AF Series

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Cleansweep 10A AFXXXXX-D Series EMI Filters for EMC Compliance

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Cleansweep 10A~30A Filtered PDU with Advanced Surge protection & EMI Filtering (AR Series) – (PDU : Power Distribution Unit)

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Ground EMI Filters

High-frequency signals on ground is never good news – it interferes with normal operation of equipment and creates electrical overstress (EOS).  However it is easy to block propagation of EMI on ground by installing highly-effective ground EMI filtes in ground lines. Our unique patent-pending ground EMI filters provide very low impedance for DC and mains’ power while effectively blocking propagation of high-frequency currents throughout facility or equipment ground. Ground filters meet safety standards, as well as ANSI/ESD S6.1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

Model : GLE30-1 30A Ground EMI Filter for Facilities

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Model : GLE04-01 Ground EMI Filter for Equipment / Tools

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Soldering EMI Filters

Soldering filters block EMI on both power lines and ground going to the soldering iron, plus they provide EMI-free ground for your workbench or a fixture which you would use as your ESD grounding. In short, these filters create electrically quiet EMI-free “eco-zone” between the tip of the soldering iron and ground of the bench and, ultimately, circuit board. Industry standards as IPC-A-610, the most fundamental requirements for PCB assembly, limits peak voltage to sensitive device to 0.3V, specifically emphasizing spikes. ANSI/ESD STM13.1 limits maximum current from soldering tip to 10mA. OnFILTER’ soldering filters help to meet requirements of both documents.

Cleansweep 3A Power Line AC Filters for Soldering Applications (AP Series)

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Servo & VFD Motor Filters

Operation of PWM-driven motors, such as servo motors and variable frequency drives (VFD), causes a number of problems in equipment, including damage to the motor’s bearings from leakage currents via electrical discharge machining (EDM) and to motor’s insulation.  PWM motors also are a major source of EMI in equipment. ​

OnFILTER’s SF-series filters substantially reduce high-frequency leakage currents in motors and in wiring, assisting in compliance with the requirements of IEC60034-17/-25. They also reduce interfering high-frequency noise within the tool resulting from operation of PWM-driven motors.​

Patent-pending SF series filters greatly reduce high-frequency currents on equipment ground, as well as overall EMI in the tool,

lowering risk of EOS and reducing errors in automated equipment and testers.

  • Model : SF20031 3A dV/dt Motor Filter

  • Model : SF20032 Combo 3A Motor / 10A AC Filters Motor Drive & AC Power

  • Model : SF20101 10A dV/dt Motor Filter 

  • Model : SF20201 20A dV/dt Motor Filter

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DC EMI Filter

This DC filter provides substantial noise reduction on DC power lines of up to 50V 9A. Filter provides noise suppression in both directions protecting your DC lines from noise generating by a particular piece of equipment, or protecting your sensitive equipment from noise coming from DC power supply or other loads.

Model : DCNG5009 DC Power Line Filter (9A DC)

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Power Line EMI Adapters (For EMI Measurements)

How much EMI noise is on your power lines indeed?  How to assess the levels of noise and its properties when it is obviously a bad idea to connect your oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer directly to your power lines?
Our EMI interface adapters provide a barrier for high mains voltages but a straight passage for high-frequency signals so that you can connect your sensitive instrument to power lines for analysis and quantification. We offer plug-in and hand-held adapters which can measure both differential (“normal”) and common-mode noise.​

EMI adapters have true balanced input allowing for measurement of signals on ground independently of ground loops.  They enable measurements not only of EMI, but of power line communication (PLC) which is a part of Smart Power.

Model : MSN01 Plug In EMI Adapter

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Model : MSN12 Hand-Held EMI Adapter

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