Customised ESD / EOS Consulting Services & Training

In Partnership with Dangelmayer Associates, Innospectra offers the following choice of customised services & training opportunities, including  S20.20 Preparation &  Implementation :   

ESD / EOS Audits, Solutions

Full range of customized ESD/EOS (Electrostatic Program Management/Electrical Over Stress) professional consulting services on a Global basis for both product design and manufacturing, including but not limited to S20.20 Programs, Class 0, CDM, Charged Board Events, S20.20, EOS and Cleanrooms. EOS is an electrical operation of device outside that device’s current or voltage ratings, leading to either damage, malfunction or accelerated aging. Failure analysis of electronic components has cited EOS as the most common source of failure for decades. Recent data and experience reported by several companies and laboratories now indicate that many failures previously classified as EOS are instead the result of ESD failures due to Charged Board Events (CBE) or Cable Discharge Event (CDE). It is estimated that approximately 50% of so called EOS failures are actually ESD. We have had clients that realized 80% reductions in EOS failures with the implementation of our CBE and CDE counter measures.

Training & Seminars

Also offered are customized courses that cover CDM (Charged Device Model), CBE (Charge Board Events), EOS, S20.20, Class 0 and ESD Program Management . We offer instructor led or CBT (Computer Based Training) training from the basics to highly advanced research and development. All training is provided by qualified and respected industry veterans who are specialists in their respective fields .

S20.20 Preparation &  Implementation

There are two phases for a manufacturing facility to become S20.20 certified.  Phase one is the preparation that will be necessary to either develop a program from scratch or to modify an existing program to be compliant with S20.20.    The second phase is the certification audit that can only be done by an ESDA Certified Body (formerly call ESDA Certified ISO Registrar).

Danglemayer-Innospectra is uniquely positioned to help companies, during phase one, prepare for S20.20 certification with our team of experts . Together, Danglemayer-Innospectra will provide the full range of S20.20 services such as program development, writing of documents, review of existing documents, pre-assessments, training, and support during the certification audit.

Additionally we offer a two-day seminar on S20.20.  In this seminar, you will learn in detail how to implement, audit, and ensure your ESD program meets your companies’ needs as well as the stringent standards of ANSI/ESD S20.20.  Some of the areas that are beyond the scope of S20.20 are covered as well – viz, Charged Device Model, Charged Board & Charged Cable Discharge etc.