Oct 2023

Introducing the improved #6430M Ionizer controller with Modbus RTU output from Core Insight. As per the existing #6340 it can power upto 40nos of ceiling ionizers .

With Modbus RTU feature – it tells you the condition of each ceiling ionizer and whether the ionizer is working fine or is in alarm condition . If found to be in alarm condition it tells you what is specifically wrong with the ionizer – high voltage failure, polling, cleaning or syn alarm amongst others . The Moddbus RTU can be converted to Modbus TCP/IP via the use of a converter and it will still work perfectly .

No need for any stand alone sophisticated software – via Modbus feature, the #6430M Ionizer Controller can be easily integrated into your existing FMCS (BMS) software .

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May 2023

Introducing the NEW one of it’s kind patented Quad-Point 7380d Airstat Steady State DC Bar Ionizer from Core Insight . Available in lengths of 350mm and 590mm currently and has been well adopted for use within high-end semiconductor production tools handling sensitive ESD devices. With a ±5V balance – it can easily meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 specifications < ±35V. Most importantly there are no switching voltage peaks as seen in currently adopted AC technology ionizers (Pulsed AC etc) which can harm ESD sensitive devices .

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Aug 2022

With the increasing use of lithium-ion batteries, the dangers related to storing and in particular charging these batteries increase in both commercial and private environments. Lithium Ion Batteries can cause a fire . ASECOS has a range of safety  storage cabinets for Lithium-Ion batteries for both active (where batteries can be charged within the cabinet) storage as well as Passive (where batteries are stored over a period of time) storage .

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Nov 2021

SCS has launched the NEW & Improved #770044 Ground Master Monitor . It works with the Static Management Program software as well as a plug and play use for individual monitoring of groundable points of ESD control items as well as critical ESD safe components & parts within process tools . It monitors 8 groundable points with impedance range selectable from 1ohm to 20 ohms . It can be powered by a power adapter or 24VDC from the process tool.

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Oct 2021

Innospectra has recently began promoting and marketing the CAFU range of toxic gas air purifiers from Cheongwoo C&T (South Korea) . These are suitable for use in General Laboratories, Research Labs & Production Areas.

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Sep 2021

Choosing a correct safety cabinet for storing hazardous material, chemicals and lithium batteries is of paramount importance in preventing unnecessary fatal incidents and accidents . Choose the Asecos range of storage solutions . Asecos is the global expert & leader in hazardous materials storage and handling. All products in their range of flammable storage cabinets are also GS-tested and guarantee compliance with the requirements of EN 14470-1/-2 and EN 16121/16122.  

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