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We provide a spectrum of innovative ideas and solutions for controlled environments

Over 30yrs of experience in static & contamination control

Innospectra was incorporated in Dec 2016 and aims to provide innovative and comprehensive static control,  contamination control, Airborne Molecular Contamination control & Controlled Environment testing solutions to the niche markets sectors like semiconductor, medical, life sciences, disk drive, general electronics, hospitals, and various research institutions .

With over 30yrs of experience in static & contamination control, the founding members are well positioned to lend their experience and expertise to solving customers issues based on a broad range of innovative solutions in the respective field of controlled environmental solutions in the South East Asian (SEA) region .

As part of our related diversification, Innospectra has since ventured into offering indoor air quality monitors and instruments as well as Scientific / Analytical Equipment & Labware like autoclaves, centrifuges & lab equipment for applications within the Medical / Life Sciences sectors including Hospitals.

We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2020 & we have the necessary accreditations to ensure that we are fully equipped to offer professional and technically competent solutions in the respective fields . Innospectra has founding members and key staff with the following qualifications :

NEBB Certified CPT (Cleanroom Performance Testing) Professional

iNARTE Certified ESD Engineers

ESD Certified Professional Program Manager

TR53 Certified Technician / Level 1 : ANSI/ESD S20.20 Plant Auditor

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Our Vision

Our Vision To continue to develop, evolve, create & offer superior cum manageable solutions based on proper customer understanding. To be a company that fully engages, revolutionises, strengthens, transforms and adds value to our customers based on their road maps.

Our Professional Staff Are Trained To

S.M.A.R.T Initiative

Our effective S.M.A.R.T Initiative & approach towards problem solving & diagnosis has given us the confidence to offer tried and tested solutions to our customers based on our professional experiences & expertise. This 5-steps process is applicable to resolving most contamination (+AMC) or static control issues from our catalog of practical & hands-on remedy solutions. The simple 5-steps process comprises :


Analyze the test data


Assess the problem / issue


Recommend solutions from our portfolio of tried and tested remedies & Implement


Make necessary tests / measurements & monitor


Provide training on the implemented solution

Our wide range of products and solutions


Our Certifications

We planted our roots with a commitment to earning your trust.