770758 Dual Combination Tester

#770058 Dual Combination Tester (Footwear / Wrist Strap) from SCS

Autoclaves for Canned Food Industry (Terra Range) from Raypa

Picarro 3 in 1 HCL, HF, NH3 AMC Analyzer, SI3401



To provide innovative, cost-effective solutions & testing services for controlled environments (not limited to microcontamination and static control) based on proven methodology, experience and sustainability . Our solutions, derived from passion, aim to resolve critical issues with a clear and precise offering through detailed engagement with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction – we aim to inspire .

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Innospectra offers a wide range of products and solutions as follows
  • ESD Surveys, Audits & Testing Services
  • Minienvironment / Cleanroom Testing services
  • AMC Monitoring & Assessment
  • Contamination Control Consultancy
  • Preparation of ESD Control Plan & Program per S20.20
  • Static Control (ESD) Training
  • Static Control (ESD) Consultancy
  • HBM, MM, CDM & Latch Up Testing services in collaboration with Phasix ESD (UK)
  • Air Ionization Products & Solutions (Ionizing blowers, Bars, Nozzles, Air Guns) from Core Insight
  • Particle Counting Instruments & Solutions from Particles Plus
  • Air Quality Monitors from Particles Plus / E Instruments
  • ESD Management Products & Solutions (Workstation Monitors, ESD Instruments, ESD Event Detectors, Static Management Software, Ground Monitors, Ionizing blowers & Air Gun) from SCS
  • Electrostatic Measurement, Monitoring, Testing & Simulation Products from Electro-Tech Systems (ETS)
  • Environmental Control Products (Glove box, Benchtop Control chambers) from Electro-Tech Systems (ETS)
  • ESD Control Items like workstations, mats, wrist straps, handling tools, gloves, signage, marking tape, seating
  • Scientific Equipment & Microscopes from Labomed Inc
  • AMC / Gas Analyzers & AMC Monitoring System from Picarro
  • Neutralizers / Web Cleaning Solutions from Hildebrand (GEMA)
  • Photo (Soft X Ray) Ionizers Products, Neutra Ray (VSI)
  • Plastic products & Life science laboratory experimental consumables from Watson Biolab
  • Labware / Plasticware / Experimental Instruments from Sanplatec
  • Autoclaves, Incubation & Drying Solutions from Raypa
  • Fume Hoods from Hemco & Biolab Scientific
  • Analytical Equipment & Lab Instruments from Biolab Scientific
  • Centrifuges from Centurion Scientific