CTM048-021, EM Eye ESD Event Meter

  • Detects, counts and measures ESD events that can damage ESD items and cause tool lock-ups, erratic behavior and parametric errors
  • Calculates event magnitude for Charged Device Model (CDM), Human Body
    Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM)
  • Records all measurements to a microSD card for PC download
  • Touchscreen display provides intuitive user interface
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery

CTM051 Ground Pro Meter

  • Verifies Critical Grounding Parameters of a Facility
    Measures AC voltage, DC voltage, EMI voltage and AC impedance
  • Provides Accurate Measurements of Ground Impedance on a Working Tool
    Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements for AC impedance
  • Identifies Potential EOS Generators
    Measures maximum millivolt requirement of IPC-A- 610
  • Auto-Zero Function for Test Leads
    Factors out the impedance of the test leads for improved measurement accuracy
  • Programmable Impedance Alarm
    Audible alarm sounds when impedance measurement is below threshold set by operator

CTM082 – ESD Pro Event Indicator

  • ESD Event Indicator
    Detects and counts ESD events for control program troubleshooting and improvement.
  • Ten LED Display
    Shows the relative strength of the ESD event.
  • Adjustable Alarm Threshold
    Use the rotary switch to set the strength for which the ESD event must meet in order to be counted.
  • Four-Digit Counter
    Displays the number of ESD events that occurred at or above the alarm threshold.
  • CDM Filter Switch
    Filters and rejects EMI signals that are not caused by Charged Device Model discharges.
  • Portable Operation with 9 Volt Battery

701 Analog Surface Resistance Megohmmeter Kit

  • Lightweight, user-friendly Analog Surface Resistance Megohmmeter
  • Two different test scales and settings for testing both surface-to- ground (Rtg) and surface-to- surface (Rtt) resistance
  • Color-coded number scales help identify ideal resistance ranges
  • Kit contains:
    – 1 Megohmmeter
    – 2 Test Weights (5 lbs. each)
    – 2 Test Leads (10 ft. each)
    – 1 Insulated Bulldog Clip
    – 1 Alligator Clip
    – 1 Continuity Test Plate
    – 2 Batteries (3.6V and 1.5V)
    – 1 Molded Carrying Case