More About Us

Innospectra was incorporated in Dec 2016 and aims to provide innovative and comprehensive static control and contamination control solutions to the niche markets sectors like semiconductor, medical, life sciences, disk drive, general electronics, hospitals, and various research institutions .

With over 20yrs of experience in static control & contamination control , the founding members are well positioned to lend their experience and expertise to solving customers issues based on a broad range of innovative solutions in the respective field of static control and contamination control in the South East Asian (SEA) region .

We have the necessary accreditations to ensure that we are fully equipped to offer professional and technically competent solutions in the respective fields . Innospectra has founding members and key staff with the following qualifications :

  • NEBB Certified CPT (Cleanroom Performance Testing) Professional
  • TR53 Certified Technician / Level 1 : ANSI/ESD S20.20 Plant Auditor
  • ESD Certified Professional Program Manager
  • TR53 Certified Plant Auditor
Our Vision

Our Vision To continue to develop, evolve, create & offer superior cum manageable solutions (not limited to microcontamination and static control) based on proper customer understanding. To be a company that fully engages, revolutionises, strengthens, transforms and adds value to our customers based on their road maps .

Our Professional Staff Are Trained To
  • Perform Static (ESD) Materials testing per ESD standard (STM11.11, 11.12, 11.13, etc)
  • Perform maintenance, verification, calibration, adjustment & repair of ionization systems
  • Perform ESD Audits, Surveys & testing (with conformance to ESD S20.20)
  • Assess, develop and implement an ESD Control Program Plan per ESD S20.20
  • Perform performance testing for Minienvironments / Clean Air Devices and Cleanrooms
Our wide range of products and solutions
  • ESD Surveys, Audits & Testing Services
  • Minienvironment / Cleanroom Testing services
  • Contamination Control Consultancy
  • AMC Monitoring & Assessment
  • Preparation of ESD Control Plan & Program per S20.20
  • Static Control (ESD) Training
  • Static Control (ESD) Consultancy
  • HBM, MM, CDM & Latch Up Testing services in collaboration with Phasix ESD (UK)
  • Customised ESD / EOS Consulting Services in collaboration with Dangelmayer Associates
  • Air Ionization Products & Solutions (Ionizing blowers, Bars, Nozzles, Air Guns) from Core Insight
  • Particle Counting Instruments & Solutions from Particles Plus
  • Air Quality Monitors from Particles Plus
  • ESD Management Products & Solutions (Workstation Monitors, ESD Instruments, ESD Event Detectors, Static Management Software, Ground Monitors, Ionizing blowers & Air Gun) from SCS
  • Electrostatic Measurement, Monitoring, Testing & Simulation Products from Electro-Tech Systems (ETS)
  • Environmental Control Products (Glove box, Benchtop Control chambers) from Electro-Tech Systems (ETS)
  • ESD Control Items like workstations, mats, wrist straps, handling tools, gloves, signage, marking tape, seating
  • Scientific Equipment & Microscopes from Labomed Inc
  • AMC / Gas Analyzers & AMC Monitoring System from Picarro
  • Neutralizers / Web Cleaning Solutions from Hildebrand (GEMA)
  • Photo (Soft X Ray) Ionizers Products, Neutra Ray (VSI)
  • Plastic products & Life science laboratory experimental consumables from Watson Biolab
  • Labware / Plasticware / Experimental Instruments from Sanplatec
  • Autoclaves, Incubation & Drying Solutions from Raypa
  • Fume Hoods from Hemco & Biolab Scientific
  • Analytical Equipment & Lab Instruments from Biolab Scientific
  • Centrifuges from Centurion Scientific